Psychoeducational Assessment with Dr. Micheline Godbout or Dr. Larry Tuff

For children experiencing academic and/or behavioural problems related to school. This service includes:

Additional options include:

The goal is to develop an intervention program aimed at maximizing the child's adaptation to his/her school setting.

Psychodiagnostic Assessment

For children experiencing personal problems such as stress, anxiety, depression, aggression, trauma or adjustment problems. Emphasis on understanding the child's interaction with family, peers and educators. This service includes:

Cooperative Problem-Solving Therapy

Allows parents and children an increased understanding of the child's challenges and specific ways to help him/her build skills through a cooperative problem-solving model.

Individual Counselling/Cognitive Behavioural Orientation

Allows exploration of the child's personal problems through play and/or verbal interactions.

Family Therapy

Through verbal interactions and drawings, children and their parents recreate problems and opportunities in a way they can understand.


Following a psychoeducational assessment, further demystification of the child's learning style and promotion of appropriate compensatory strategies are pursued.